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Travis York in Entrepreneur: 3 Ways to Assess Business Ventures

Assessing a business venture’s potential is about so much more than its balance sheet. An op-ed written by our Founder & CEO, Travis York,  is featured in Entrepreneur, discussing why “get rich quick” is not in his playbook, the three key qualities he looks for in a venture — creativity, craft & quality, and authenticity —  and why evaluating investments through these criteria has worked for him.

Here’s how three York Creative Collective creative ventures and their leaders embody these traits:

Creativity: The two co-founders of Iron & Air Media — whose entrepreneurial venture rests squarely on the shoulders of their personal passion — are the perfect example of this concept. Iron & Air Media produces Iron & Air Magazine, a quarterly, heavy-stock magazine celebrating motorcycles and all the places they take us. As true motorcycle enthusiasts, the creative entrepreneurs behind Iron & Air create the types of content they want to consume. They dive deep into the wide range of individuals who find freedom in motorcycling using custom photography, illustrations and emotive storytelling to fill each of its 114 pages. Every edition is truly a collectible piece of art. Whether it’s documenting the journey of female riders who became fast friends while exploring New Mexico on their Indian Motorcycles, or commissioning an artist to design mid-century-meets-modern covers inspired by the timeless designs of the iconic Triumph motorcycle, you can feel the creative passion behind every page of Iron & Air’s product and its makers’ painstaking effort to create something that’s one-of-a-kind for fellow enthusiasts. 

Craft & QualityNoble & Cooley is a seventh-generation drum company that’s transcended generations from the Civil War through the Industrial Revolution and into the modern age. With a firm reputation rooted in its history, it took that foundation of drum manufacturing and tinkered with the way it markets. Today, Noble & Cooley still handmakes everything, ensuring it’s only making quality items, even if that means selling less. It takes its time on its craft to ensure nothing about its product is compromised.

Authenticity: For a digital sports management company like TorchCo, I was drawn to the Founder & CEO’s passion and personal story behind the idea. As a former professional hockey player, he knew the opportunity and impact for athletes at any level to make the most of their personal brand. His proficiency in understanding the nuances of how athletes operate is an unmatched skill that can’t be manifested without living it first. Moreover, his self-awareness was unmistakable. He consciously stays vigilant expanding on what he knows and fine-tuning his room for growth. There’s a credibility to their service with the ability to relate to their target audience on the one thing they’ve shared — the game. That connection is invaluable.

YORK Athletics Mfg. Partners with Aly Raisman to Outfit Those in Need

Aly Raisman is continuing her long-running collaboration with YORK Athletics and launching a pair of signature sneakers for a good cause. For every pair of “The Gail by Aly Raisman” purchased in October, YORK Athletics will donate a pair to an individual experiencing homelessness with help from the Boston homeless-serving agency Heading Home. The nonprofit helps people find housing and fulfill their needs. 

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