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Noble & Cooley and GYK Antler Launch the “Set the Tone” Campaign

On September 24, Noble & Cooley celebrated its rich history by launching the Union Series Drum kit, a unique product line made out of tulipwood. To channel the company’s heritage and bring it to the current day, GYK Antler developed a creative marketing campaign called “Set the Tone.” 

Set the Tone evokes passion for high-quality premium drums and sets out to marry together the old and the new — tapping into history and highlighting the product’s lightweight functionality on the battlefield, while also underlining the distinct sonic characteristics that entice musicians today. The rich storytelling aims to reach beyond Noble & Cooley’s diehard enthusiasts by capturing how their drums have set the tone from the battlefield to band practice for more than 150 years.

The campaign comes to life across digital channels, including Facebook and Instagram and paid social. Check out the hero video below and view the work in Ads of the World to learn more.